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Wish my bank HAD called me. Somehow, someone got my details too and cleaned out around $2200. I am just minus the money until it all gets straight. The worst part is that I cannot think of when someone could have gotten my info. It was a debit card on our business account and I rarely use it. My husband, on the other hand, used to use his daily (before we got American Express). Thing is - it was MY card that was used for transactions in Madrid and Gava and other places in the U.S. (New York, Maryland, Tennessee).

I am still bummed to the max and panicky over the least little thing. And, yes, I am very angry too. How could someone not notice when huge transactions were presented on my card in SPANISH?

It is all beyond me. I am still reeling. And, I am stressed to the max wondering if I will be able to get it straight.

NEVER again will I have a debit card. NEVER.

Posted by Tammy Herman at April 13, 2005 22:06

I have just suffered fraudulent use of my debit card for the second time this year, on a chip & pin card. The rotters have stolen over £4000 from my account and my card is in my possession. My Bank did nothing to flag unusual activity to me even though my account is rarely used. I will NEVER use debit cards again.

Posted by Jackie at June 10, 2005 13:07
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