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Hi Paul. Got your rings now then I see. I've had mine just over 5 months now and still love training on them but I remember how tough they were in the beginning.

Paul C.

Posted by Paul Corfield at March 8, 2005 08:43

Paul C: Ooh yes, despite repeatedly thinking I ought to [while not at the keyboard though] somehow I managed not to credit you on all this - it's owing to your detailed posts on I got these in the first place! So: thanks!

Posted by Paul Makepeace at March 8, 2005 22:14

Hi paul

I found your site from, I was wondering where you got your rings from, how much etc

Posted by DavidE at April 19, 2005 20:19

Forget that last comment..I found the info on another post. D'oh!

Posted by DavidE at April 19, 2005 20:27
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