Comments: FreeCycle London

Dear Paul

My friend enthused about this site. All I get is a page asking me to sign up to Yahoo.

Is this a temporary blip or?

Would appreciate clarity if you have time.



Posted by Monic a at March 6, 2005 11:38

I'd like to give some things away,and i hope that in the future i may find something that may interest me.

Posted by Goran at April 17, 2005 12:38

i am getting the same thing as monic

Posted by guenille at April 23, 2005 15:57

re freecycle. you forgot to mention that the group is [actually] run via an email message board, and the system freecycle uses is yahoo.

so...sign up to yahoo to join the group.

happy freecycling.

fjw :)

Posted by fannycraddock at April 25, 2005 15:36

fannycraddock, erm, perhaps you missed the bit which said "Join the mailing list and post there." ;-) The link in the post is to a yahoogroup email list too...

Posted by Paul Makepeace at April 25, 2005 15:41

I didn't ask for email updates on EVERYTHING but im getting them and i tried to unsubscribe 5 times but nothing happened. I dont want 200 emails in my account every day! What the hell do i have to do?

Posted by manse at July 1, 2005 18:33

I really want to join freecycle but there are only nine members where i live. does it matter if i join the london one?

Posted by pink orchid at July 6, 2005 16:08

There is new, web based version of Freecycle. Different organisation but same principle.

Posted by Lisa at July 12, 2005 10:56

This is a site that is just starting out but has a very professional approach and new features such as image support which freecycle does not offer. The URL is

Posted by Myles Griffith at August 7, 2005 21:27

yh, well i agree like totally radical

Posted by dan at September 4, 2005 18:47

Just thought i'd join for environmental reasons.

Posted by Bill at September 30, 2005 14:12

Would like to join this group.

Posted by Shabana at October 4, 2005 17:44

I'm looking at this and thinking, yes London... But which one? UK or Ontario or goodness how many London's there must by in the USA...?

Clearly I must have come by a circuitous route to this message... OH WELL…

Posted by lynn at November 25, 2005 02:57