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The original Santacon site is hence a suggestion of "Santarchie" as the French name. We're definitely open to other names that retain the spirit of the event and the French language!

Posted by Paul M at November 9, 2004 16:26

Rats, I won't be in Paris that day :( Any chance that some stray santas would be ho-ho-hoing around on sunday? It reads from your post as if it had been organised on this side of The Sleeve, is there a local organisation?

Posted by Robin Berjon at November 10, 2004 14:14

Hi Robin - yes, there should be others around on Sunday! Would be great to be shown around if the christmas cheer takes you. I for one intend to be in such a state as not to be able to eurostar back that day and I'm sure I won't be alone.

It's been organised starting in the etheric planes of the uksantacon list which, I think, has a reasonable number of eurolanders. Detailed discussion has continued offlist. Susie is in Paris.


Posted by Paul M at November 10, 2004 14:35

I'm condering coming from Munich. Have to figure out the train prices still, though.

Posted by Thomas Tempelmann at December 5, 2004 15:41

So what is the current state of Santarchie? It turns out I will be in Paris that weekend from New York and seeing as I missed the NY santacon...

Any way to get information?

Posted by Billy at December 14, 2004 00:05

I've posted shots of the LA SantaCon 2004 at

See Santa play in 30 degree (celcius) weather at the beach.



venice, ca usa

Posted by Santa_Saam at December 17, 2004 20:52
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