Comments: London Pillow Fight Club - aftermath

Hi !

I live in Paris and i heard about the London pillow fight club.
I would like to know if it exists in Paris, and if yes, when will be the next event.
I have the link to mobile clubbing, but it isn't written something about the Paris pillow fight club?

Coul you help me to have this information.

Thank you.


Posted by léo at April 3, 2005 11:48

Hi, my name is Francesco.
I'm from london and I would like to know if there still are pillw fight clubs. How does it work? where does is take places?

thank you very much

Posted by Francesco at October 26, 2006 12:19

Hi there

Saw your thing about pillow fight club, it was excellent! any idea if it still exists? all i can find is stuff from 2004. I am looking at trying to create an adult childrens club i.e. grown ups who want to play, and they look like prime material.

any help you could give would greatly further the cause of stupity in the name of fun and general mucking about.


Posted by pete at December 3, 2006 20:32
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