Comments: My First Pocket PC Application

Nice one! Now what about that sporting log software?

Posted by Emir Attig at October 1, 2004 20:11

Hey Paul

I wud like to know whether or not you are interested in marketing this product specially in Asian sub-continent.

Well we can do some business together.

Looking forward to your reply.


Posted by Mark Rawlings at October 2, 2004 07:48

the information provided is very brif.i also did similar type of application named "friend finder",a bluetooth based apllication which finds friends with in the bluettoth range.In this project there are three main modules
can u help me by providing some documentation report and implementation details.
we did the project in symbian c++ ,series60 platform on nokia 6600 phone.thank you.

Posted by vijaya lakshmi at April 19, 2005 13:36
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