Comments: Circle Line Party 3 - aftermath

What a top night! Got on the first party train, squashed in like a hot little sardine and grinning like a loon (also sweating like a pig!) when the train left the tunnel, a huuuuuge cheer went up and *bang!* suddenly tube travel became a whole new experience.

Chains of flowers wrapped round the grab-bars, decks laid out and speakers hung up, and suddenly someone shouts 'anyone want a Ferrero Rocher?' Pure class! A tray of sandwiches (beautifully cut into triangles) is passed over everyone's heads, the marshmallows disappear into the crowd and everywhere you look, there's a smiling face and an open bottle of booze.

Cue singing and dancing to Ghostbusters and trying to swig absinthe (but failing the first ten times as the carriage kept jolting!) Cue lots of giggling and sssshhhhh-ing when we stopped at a station. Although it was pretty damn useless, as everyone was already too over-excited and waving their beers/party poppers/lollies at baffled commuters. Then - off again!

Great memories of strapping a shagging dog toy to everyone's arms, dancing in Sloane Square, and best of all, grinning at the little old man who ended up in our carriage. Someone gave him a seat, someone else gave him a glass of wine, and soon he was setting off party poppers and munching sweets like a veteran. He even waved in a cheerfully confused way at passing trains when we got kicked off at Sloane Square!

I was really impressed by the 100mph clean-up of our carriage when we all had to pile off - nice to see no-one wanted to make a bad name for the CLP by leaving a mess...

Most bizarre moment? When I popped into a Sloane Square Trendy Wine Bar (tm) to use the loo, and a posh, middle aged foreign businessman said hello then immediately asked if I'd sleep with him! What a sleaze!

Posted by Smiffy at August 9, 2004 21:46
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