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Dear Paul,

My name is Chris Marques, my partner(Jaclyn Spencer) and I are the directors of Cuban Groove.
As we are the promoters of the Salsa night in Wimbledon at the Bar we would like to offer you and your friend a free class next time you wish to come along, we came accross your feedback on the net and very much appreciated it.

I hope that during your second "try" at the bar your will find your comments positively rectified

looking forward to seeing you around,
Kind regards
Chris Marques

Posted by Chris Marques at July 29, 2004 17:10

Hi Paul,

I've got to disagree fella. I've started salsa about 5 weeks ago and found it really hard to find good, lively classes. Chris and Jackies venue is BY FAR the best one in south london (I know, I've tried most of them!). The Bar in wimbledon on wednesdays is pumpin with a class of at least 60+ (people attending not age group!!). The general age is 22 - 35ish and its not for the faint hearted as the moves are not your usual 'old style' salsa. lots of cuban/RnB style moves that make the ladies go "oooooooooh" or in my case "Ugh?!?!?" (Give me a break, I'm still learning!!)

Posted by Simon at August 26, 2005 15:38

Simon (et al): just to clear up a confusion - the place I was referring to is D-Bar in Wandsworth (nr Southside), not Chris & Jackie's in Wimbledon.

I agree with you Simon - I've been to C&J's a few times and it was awesome!

Posted by Paul Makepeace at August 26, 2005 18:52

Just to let everyone know that the D-Bar is officially under new management!!! soon to be called the Saigon Bar, it will also have many events to turn up for but at the moment a plus point for the new manager s that the beer is nicer and colder...

Posted by linda at April 11, 2006 09:23

Hi there, can anyone tell me whether the salsa classes offered by Chris Marques & Jackie Spencer in Wimbledon are still on the go? If so could you give me the when, where & how much please? Or perhaps any contact details?

Posted by Kay at January 11, 2008 21:51
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