Comments: Car share: London -> Bristol -> London

Answer: "curb weight"

Posted by Nik M at June 30, 2004 13:25

OK, having spent FIVE. phuqqing. hours. 16:10 to 21:10 driving the 120miles through truly clutch-wearingly slow traffic, I will never, ever, ever again leave London after midday, in a car.

Getting my wallet spanked by First Great Western never looked so good.

(At least even arriving that late in Bristol still turned into a rockin' night...)

Posted by Paul Makepeace at July 3, 2004 10:10

These comments are way off

Posted by spanked at November 14, 2005 20:19

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Posted by Ben at June 11, 2009 13:28

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Posted by Raluca at September 24, 2009 20:20

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Posted by Raluca at September 25, 2009 19:15
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