Comments: EFT on nail biting? And why not.

" There's a fear in any therapy "heck, I've tried everything else, if this doesn't work, I'm doomed, DOOMED I tell you!". This fear can be so strong people won't enter themselves into a possibly healing opportunity for fear it might not work and that their self-image of being "unfixable" becomes hardened that much more."

and don't I know it...

Posted by Jez at June 14, 2004 01:37

Thankyou very much for creating this led me to EFT. I, too am a nail biter and hopefully EFT can help me and resolve this and other issues. I may expand it to my shiatsu therapy practice.The sun is shining brightly today.thanks a bunch again
Steve R
Oakville Ontario Canada

Posted by Steve at May 5, 2006 15:37

EFT sounds quite interesting, I'll read more about it. Currently I am reading this book, which is helping me a fair bit to break my nail biting habit:

Posted by Mark at June 6, 2007 15:32

Hi, thanks a lot for the info, my wife bites her nails and now even my older son (5 years old) does the same. thanks for the info.

Posted by NLP at March 13, 2010 04:22
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