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Oh man... this really is something that bears revisiting every few years. I remember when I was not even 12 playing tapes recorded off the headphone out of all the greats: Hawkeye, Sanxion... and let's not forget Turbo Outrun's sample-tastic loading music. And I then at uni I was sitting in the computer room trying to get sidplay working. It's no joke - I nearly cried right there when I got that first rush of SID nostalgia.

Posted by Nik Makepeace at June 7, 2004 03:04

Just got back from the concert in London of C64 SID tunes.


Ben Balglish, the dirty hippy, is still a top tunester.


Posted by Al Busby at September 13, 2004 14:14

check out this guy aswell:

Posted by dr.braun at February 1, 2005 15:18

Fantastic blog post. Fantastic.

Posted by Filiberto Cribari at August 25, 2011 03:32
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