Paul Makepeace ;-)


Charlie Tremendous Jones says,

You are the same today as you'll be in five years except for two things, the books you read and the people you meet.

Do you love to check out people's book shelves? Isn't it amazing how in sixty seconds you can get a quality of mental picture of who that person is that could take a hundred times longer talking. I like to ask "what are you favorite books (you've read recently)?". To answer that question of myself, I'm planning on putting my whole book list online.

Being a decidedly lazy programmer, however, until I get my barcode scanner project fully working this'll be pretty empty. Also, most of my books are stashed in some storage facility in New Zealand so the first barcode-scanned collection will be those I've got hold of since arriving in the UK.

Paul's books

All the links go through to Amazon which, if you end up buying one, will toss me a small referral bone. This'll go directly toward the hosting costs of running I've included links to (default) and (labelled UK) for your browsing and maybe even shopping convenience.

Buy or borrow?

If you like, you're welcome instead to borrow any of these. I'll even post it to you for free in the UK! I'm building an online book swap as we speak to make this easier.

Wishful thinking

Here's stuff I'd like to read: Paul Makepeace's wishlist. It's odd-looking because I started it while trying to keep track of NLP books I was looking at, and haven't really used it since :-)