Paul Makepeace ;-)

You going to Burning Man in 2002?

No, I'm not.

This would've been my fifth straight year but after last year I need a break. Kate & I herded cats--Spiral Oasis--in 2001, combining with two other rather cool groups, Rhythm Society & Lorax (yes, Dr Seuss!). The three camps was somewhere in the 150 people range and it was, to put it gently "hard work". Fun, rewarding, and one of the best BMs I've had, yes, but still ball-achingly difficult & stressful.

There is quite a lot of work involved in attending even "just" as a participant: travel, camping for at least three days (barely much point going for less, IMO), food, water, clothes, gear, etc. Check out our playa checklist for an insight. Most people spend at least $1,000 after all is said and done attending the event. Granted, it's possible to do it for less but after plane tickets, entrance fees, and all the above it takes a financial shape that really does have a remarkable resemblance to fifty $20 bills...

Now, I thought I would be in New Zealand around August anyway (find out why that didn't happen) but wasn't 100% so buying plane tickets would've been mad in that situation ("Hey! UK, New Zealand, what's the difference?"). As the months of me being in the UK wore on I quickly realized I would rather spend the Summer in Europe. So far, so good: in the last few weeks alone I have had an incredible experience in Rotterdam with my cousins, ad hoc 'til-dawn clubbing in London the likes of which will stick in my head for a long time to come, and the summer's not even over yet.

So there we are. Batteries recharging, enthusiasm building up again, see you there next year!